Advantages of Radio Advertising

Radio advertising provides several benefits to brands:

The ability to target your audience.  Radio offers the opportunity to pinpoint your perfect audienceand target your sales approach solely to them. For instance, you can choose a station that caters to a certain age group, giving your marketing dollars real power.  In particular, busy moms listen to AM/FM radio stations both over the air and online and 65% report doing so weekly.

The ability to offer more frequent ads. The fact is, frequency sells. The more ads you can get on the air, the better the chance it will make an impact.  Radio allows advertisers an inexpensive way to get their voice heard – over and over again.

The ability to stir emotions and create demand. Even with the focus today on video, radio is still an active medium.  It can create immediacy, driving shoppers to a specific store, brand or to take a specific action.  Radio advertisements are able to engage with audiences in a personal and unique way.