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Our business is creativity. We’ve worked with small businesses, entrepreneurs, marketing agencies and large corporations to create original music, custom productions, and radio spots as part of standalone campaigns or integrated marketing campaigns.

Don’t have a script? No problem. We can create a custom script for you that fits your brand and communication objectives. We’ll work closely with you to understand your brand, your campaign goals and then provide a creative audio solution.

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Make a statement through digital affordable radio advertising. Contact our team for a free quotation. The Media Design Audio team can create the perfect radio campaign for your business. Maximise Your Budget. Target New Customers. Target Local Customers.

Radio Ad Frequently Ask Questions

Depending on the type of radio advertisement you are going for, the most you will need is a voice-over artist, some music, script and a recording studio or device.  The script needs to be short, engaging and to the point. Your ad needs to cut through the rest, with a single-minded concept that stirs up emotions.

Radio is trustworthy, listeners develop a bond with these radio personalities, they are with them in the mornings on their commute to work, and in the evenings on their way home from a long day. They become that trusty companion and taking advantage of this through advertising can bring great results for a brand. As a business owner, you might be planning your new marketing strategy and looking for ways in which to increase your brand awareness and sales. Traditional methods of advertising have started to be overlooked due to common misconceptions. Fortunately, we are able to advise on why you should look at radio advertising to achieve your advertising goals.

Factors Influencing Radio Ad Cost

There are various things to consider when looking at the costs involved in radio ads, and if you are not clued up in the media buying space it can get difficult to decide on how to spread your budget effectively. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Casting & production costs
    The cost of a radio advert is much lower than television or print, you still have to ensure that you create a quality ad that listeners will not tire from hearing throughout different times in the day and on different radio stations.
  • The radio stations listenership
    The listenership is what determines the reach of your radio ad. Reach refers to the number of different people who will hear your ad, and cost implications come in deciding on the number of radio stations to place your ad. Consider placing your ad on a radio station with 60,000 listeners vs a station with 6,000 listeners may cost more, but it may be a better choice for positive results in reach.
  • Time
    The length of a radio ad versus the ad slot. You could create a 15-second ad and play it during peak times and find that it cost you more than a 30-60 second ad played during off-peak times.
  • Frequency
    The first reaction is to focus on the morning or afternoon time slots because these are peak times which will increase your reach; because more people are tuned in. However, ever considered the times your message reaches the ear of your target audience? This is where frequency comes into play; the number of times your ad is heard by the average person over a week. This is important to consider when looking at radio ad cost especially if your budget is small, you may want to consider fewer radio stations or just 2 that will play your ad frequently at different time slots.